Our God cares

"Friends, sometimes we might think that God is distant to us but believe me He is not. He is closer and cares about us more than we would ever know or imagine

.Last Friday, I had a meeting at Association Avenue in Ilupeju but I didn’t know the street but knew the general area. Inwardly I prayed for direction and help, when the bus I boarded got to Obanikoro bus-stop, the conductor shouted “if you are going to Association Avenue, this is the way”. I was shocked.

Our God cares."

Bro. Humphrey

God gave me a second chance!

"The senior pastor gave a word of knowledge during a Sunday service about someone who had stomach pain and invited such person out for prayers. Some people came out and were prayed for but I didn't even though I had stomach pain because I thought to myself that it's just stomach pain. Later that night the pain became so unbearable that I was rushed to a nearby hospital and I was diagnosed that it was appendicitis and that I needed to be operated upon. I was later moved to my company's hospital and the same diagnosis was the result. I was immediately preped for operation the next morning. All the while I thought to myself that I should have just come out and be prayed for earlier that day during the service when the senior pastor gave the word of knowledge . In my dream that night in the hospital, there was a replay of the Sunday service and when the senior pastor gave the word of knowledge for stomach pain I shouted Amen. The next morning when the diagnosis was retaken before I will be wheel to the theatre , I was declared perfect and so I was discharged without the operation. The God of Mercy came to the hospital Ward that night and gave me a second chance and healed me. SOMEBODY SHOUT HALLELUJAH!"

Bro John Olofin.

Our God helps

"I want to thank God for seeing me through a professional exam which I did in 2015. I came here, knelt on the altar and the Spirit led me to ask for one thing which was for success in my exam and I passed.

Praise God.


The Lord protects

"People of God, join me in praising the Almighty God that prevented my daughter from vehicle accident and possible death on May 01, 2017.

She was meant to travel on April 30 but the journey was postponed till the following day because I was returning home from a journey on the day and we needed to see each other. We saw that day and she told me the transport company and vehicle she would board the following day.

At about 7 a:m the following morning, I called to find out if the vehicle had departed but she said she changed her mind and would travel with another transport company, then I prayed for her.

At about 8 a: m, she sent a WhatsApp message to me informing me that the vehicle belonging to the transport company she earlier planned to board had an accident and was engulfed in fire. Some passengers were rescued but others got burnt in the vehicle.

I thank the Almighty God, the God that sees the end from the beginning, the God that made my daughter change her mind concerning the vehicle she could have boarded. I thank God for granting her journey mercies to Port Harcourt.

Thank you Lord."

Erhahon M.J (Mrs)

I Testify

"Few years back, I got a burden to start an academic reality show in nigeria. It was strange and I resisted the urge. Last year when BB Naija came up with N27 million winning prize, I became angry in my spirit. Then, the Holy Spirit reminded me again of the academic reality show. I wrote letters to some state governors for sponsorship to which Edo State replied immediately and a corporate organization, Zenith Bank Lagos.

I started with Edo State but I was asked to see the permanent secretary of Education who showed excitement about the project and promised to get back to the governor. That was the last story I heard from her. She sat on the project but the program, “wake up the giant” had already been announced on radio and television, so I went ahead having to borrow money for three auditions.

At the end, I got frustrated. At that point, I knew I needed a backup so I ran to our daddy in the Lord by sending him a text of my plight. He sent me some prayer points immediately and I began to pray them. The next day, I got the governor’s direct line and sent a message to him with the letter of invitation from him and pictures from the auditioning earlier done at the three senatorial zones. He replied immediately and invited me to see him.

To God be the glory, I met him and not only did he approve the project with full financial sponsorship but he appealed that I make it a yearly event. I was also given a consultancy appointment with the SUBEB.
I give God all the glory. Indeed God is in this place."

Sis Stella